MJC Partnership’s many skills and expertise, developed over a long period of time, include:

  • Project support  at design stage ensuring that Building Regulations are implemented at all times
  • Assessments of designs/plans to be submitted to either the relevant Local Authority or Approved Inspector 
  • Scrutiny of the Approved Documents ensuring all aspects are considered at design stage
  • Providing a full consultancy service to aid architects, developers and house owners in dealing   with  Approved Documents and British Standards within their specifications
  • Problem solving minor alterations in tandem with solicitors and estate agents to ensure a successful sale 
  • Site visits at design stage to help ensure contraventions are prevented
  • Providing checklists to assist designers and architects in compliance with Approved Documents and British Standards
  • Giving presentations and training on a one-to-one basis or in groups
  • Consultation with solicitors and estate agents to ensure properties comply with Building Regulations before contracts are exchanged

House Owners…… See if you can do this Jigsaw!

Constructing a Multifaceted Project from start to finish is a Challenge.

It’s a Jigsaw.  Where do you start?

The Pieces are all Mixed  up, Jumbled up, nothing Makes sense.

Precision and Planning are Crucial.

Do you go straight to an architect? A technician? A  builder?  Or  Manage it yourself?

MJC Partnership is a body of Professionals who can assist in bringing the Jigsaw together.

We can provide support in putting the Pieces together in a Constructive and logical Manner.

Perhaps you can see the Project in your Mind but are currently unsure how it can be brought together. It often helps to talk to someone about your ideas.  This can help you to identify what is Possible and put a Plan in place.

MJC Partnership will work closely with you and discuss your design at length. Together, we will map out your dreams, ideas and Conceptions and turn them into a reality.

MJC Partnership helps developers, agents, architects, home owners, builders and DIY professionals to identify items that should be considered within a scheme by using the building regulations and highlighting the implications and possible outcomes.

We provide expert guidance by preparing checklists to help ensure that your design meets building regulations and legal requirements.

It is imperative that applications are submitted to building regulators, to Local Authorities or an Approved Inspector as appropriate.  MJC Partnership will help you understand why building regulations are so important. We will enable you to make sense of the relevant regulations in a user-friendly and jargon-free Manner.

Q: Can you start to see the formation of the letters in the jigsaw above?

A: You might see a letter, but it’s not very clear. It could be a N or a M

Not having a clear idea can create high cost. The importance of understanding and Managing any project is very important.  For example: ensuring that safety elements are in order is just as important as other factors of the project.   

Management is the key here. Of course your agent or architect could Manage the Project for you on your behalf. But wouldn’t it be great to discuss your ideas with an experienced professional before making your final decision?

Can you see a C for Construction?

Can you see a J for Justification to make sure the project meets the designer’s needs?

Can you see a P for Partnership?

Managing your Project and understanding the implications of your work will enable you to achieve a better outcome.

Let us add another Piece of the Jigsaw

You can see a bit More, maybe still not as clearly as you would like.

Perhaps you are wondering why you might go to MJC Partnership… Why not go straight to an architecture or a builder?

MJC Partnership offers training and understanding to ensure that you receive the right assistance from the start of your project through to conclusion. We will enable you to make informed decisions.

Our priority is to help you to achieve the best Project for you and your team. This Means that if your architect has a question about the design but is unable to get assistance from the Local Authority or Approved Inspector at the early stage, we will be able to assist your architect or builder to find a solution that agrees with the solutions with the approving body.

MJC Partnership is very direct and supportive. We pride ourselves on Maintaining high standards of Health and Safety, consistently delivering safe buildings at a reasonable Cost. 

Call MJC Partnership to bring the whole jigsaw together, enabling you to see the whole picture of what you are trying to achieve.

A selection of the projects MJC Partnership staff has worked on:

  • New Housing Sites One of new Build Properties
  • Extensions Loft Conversions
  • Garage Extensions Internal Alterations
  • Flat Conversions New Build Flats
  • Church Refurbishments Office Refurbishments
  • Schools Refurbishments New Sports Centres
  • Retail Refurbishments Basement Refurbishments
  • Alterations to sport centres Mixed use buildings
  • HMOs Disabled Adaptation

MJC Partnership is all about educating and ensuring the health and safety of buildings.  MJC Partnership works in Partnership with other organisations to deliver a quality training package.

MJC Partnership are trainers and educators. We deploy our experience of the construction industry within an educational setting. MJC Partnership recognises that, now, more than ever, it is important  to bring young people into the construction industry.

With help from MJC Partnership a young person may find their niche within the construction industry.