MJC Partnership offers and provides support and assistance at all stages of a building project – from initiation to completion – to the many stakeholders involved in such a complex undertaking. Our aim is to ensure that all concerned parties understand the significance of, and the necessity for, Building Regulations.

MJC Partnership provides a consultation service to ensure that both individual and group clients understand the complexities and appreciate the major advantages of implementing the regulations correctly, one benefit of which is significant cost savings.

MJC Partnership will work with all types of organisations including schools, colleges and universities, delivering an educational programme of presentations and training which will change outdated perceptions and address the skills shortage. A key priority here is further awareness and understanding of the construction industry in order to encourage young and diverse talent upon a career path which has such a positive impact within a community.  An industry that provides opportunities to learn new skills and to progress.  Now is the moment to develop homegrown expertise and enthusiasm.

Delivering a sense of dignity, integrity and respect for the industry is the key aim of MJC Partnership. MJC Partnership will always work as Consultant in tandem with other groups on different projects.

MJC Partnership supports  the needs of their client to start and complete a project within budget.

Always seek MJC Partnership support at the incentive stage of a project as we are here to prevent things going wrong onsite.

MJC Partnership Tel: 07752298307